Do I Feel Better Yet?

Questionable Attempts at Self-Care and Existing in General

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Cover Art for 9781797212548, Do I Feel Better Yet? by Madeleine Trebenski
ISBN: 9781797212548
Publisher: Chronicle Prism
Published: 7 June, 2022
Format: Trade Paperback
Language: English
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If you've ever dared to express dissatisfaction with the state of your life, you've inevitably received a variety of helpful suggestions: "Have you tried meditation? Exercise? A cult? An exercise cult?" In Do I Feel Better Yet?, Madeleine Trebenski explores more than 45 so-called solutions suggested to her in the name of self-care. In a playful and at times sardonic chronicle of the elusive promises of multistep skin-care routines, gratitude journaling, scented candles, and more, Trebenski perfectly captures what it's like to live in a time when homemade kombucha and weighted blankets are said to single-handedly solve all our problems. These essays will make you laugh, make you feel less alone, and maybe make you feel better-even if just for a little while.


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