Green Lantern: Circle of Fire

Cover Art for 9781779509055, Green Lantern: Circle of Fire by Judd Winick
ISBN: 9781779509055
Publisher: DC Comics
Published: 9 February, 2021
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Links Penguin
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The first Green Lantern story arc by writer and former Real World roommate Judd Winick. Now includes the Circle of Fire one-shots featuring Firestorm, Adam Strange, the Atom, and Power Girl After escaping from a mental institution, the disturbed Nero soon finds himself in possession of a yellow power ring, thanks to the Qwardians. Now with the power to materialize the insane inner workings of his mind, the madman looks to destroy the planet. And with the JLA attempting to fight his hordes of minions, Kyle Rayner, the Green Lantern, must figure out a way to defeat a maniac who now wields more power then he does. When the planet Rann is attacked by the entity known as Oblivion, enlisting other superheroes becomes the priority. Join the Circle of Fire chaos as Power Girl, Firestorm and the Atom answer the call. Collects Green Lantern #129-136, Green Lantern/Firestorm #1, Green Lantern/Adam Strange #1, Green Lantern/Atom #1, Green Lantern/Green Lantern #1, Green Lantern/Power Girl #1, and Green Lantern: Circle of Fire #1-2.


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