The Albatross

Cover Art for 9781761262197, The Albatross by Nina Wan
ISBN: 9781761262197
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
Published: 26 April, 2023
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Primrose Li is torn - between her past and her present, her first love and her current love, duty and desire, fear and freedom. One day, as she's almost come apart at the seams, she takes an unexpected detour to her local golf course. Slowly, this sport - which she is terrible at - becomes her meditation and her cure. 'The Albatross is a sinewy, compelling vine of a novel, twining into unanticipated crevices and captivating the reader until the very last page. Brilliant. This is a spectacularly good book; funny, tense, observant, and equipped with a truly memorable heroine.' Annabel Crabb 'Nina Wan's shining debut has captivated both my mind and heart. It is such an important novel that should be widely read. It has been days since I have finished this book but Primrose Li remains alive to me and I know she will live on in many more readers to come.' Hannah Bent, bestselling author of When Things Are Alive They Hum 'The first thing you want to do when you finish The Albatross is find the nearest rooftop and shout, "Primrose!" It's an understatement to call her the narrator of this smart, beguiling novel. Its warmth and humour are her warmth and humour, as are its disquieting undertones... '[This is] is a study in the art of the swerve - into Primrose's marriage, into her past, into brilliant discussions of potential and belonging and the everyday question of being happy, or not. There are secrets beneath all this, and the final mix is that rare book that manages to be both surprising and subtle - a quality that's utterly Primrosian.' VPLA Unpublished Manuscript Prize judges report.

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