Love & Autism

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ISBN: 9781761260643
Publisher: Macmillan Australia
Published: 28 March, 2023
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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'Love has always intrigued me, in part because I have carried for a long time a feeling that I am doing love wrong.' Michael made a name for himself on the hit show Love on the Spectrum. After his televised first dating experiences, will he complete his quest to find his queen? Chloe was always good at math, with feelings 'too big' to be contained. When she reconnects with her childhood boyfriend, it must be fate. Noor has had a lot on her plate from a young age, especially at home. People-pleasing becomes her survival mode, but Noor can't keep her struggles inside forever. Jess has spent a lifetime being put into different boxes. Through her strong will and creativity, can she break out and build a life that is truly her own? Tim is a non-speaking autistic man who has been underestimated all his life. But through willpower, technology and a mother's love, he has a chance of finding a different kind of voice. Through the intimate writing of critically-acclaimed autistic author Kay Kerr, Love & Autism presents an uplifting celebration of neurodivergent love, the search for it and a deeper look into the lives of autistic Australians. Praise for Love & Autism 'Beautiful, nuanced and heartwarming, Love & Autism is an immersive, joyful read about life and love through an autistic lens. Kay Kerr gives us a wonderful and frank front-row seat to what it means to be autistic and to love, affectionately and refreshingly told from a neurodivergent perspective. A masterclass in narrative non-fiction and longform journalism, Love & Autism takes us on a journey of joy, heartache and hope, connecting us all through our shared love of love.' SALLY HEPWORTH 'Kay Kerr has done a wonderful job of community building through tender storytelling. This is an important, heartfelt and generous book for neurodivergent people, disabled people and allies.' CARLY FINDLAY OAM 'A fierce, tender and affirming celebration of the autistic community's capacity for, and experience of, love. Kay's writing is sharp but affectionate in its advocacy and validation, demonstrating the depth and breadth of neurodivergent experiences of love and romance. This is much-needed and eye-opening work.' SARAH AYOUB


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