Tent Life

A Beginner's Guide to Camping and a Life Outdoors

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ISBN: 9781741177213
Publisher: Explore Australia
Published: 18 March, 2021
Format: Illustrated
Language: English
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Many of us are seeking a more adventurous and centred life, away from modern distractions and stresses.Tent Life is a handy, pocket-sized guide packed full of useful tips, activities and fun projects to help you rediscover your natural sense of wonder, develop new skills and ultimately build resilience. Learn the basics of camping, what to take, when to go and how to set up. Master chopping wood, making a campfire and cooking in the wild. Develop some basic bushcraft skills and gaze up to the heavens and navigate by the stars, the easy way. Search for your supper and learn to forage for wild food safely. Use a map and compass to guide your hiking adventure, take part in the worldlsquo;s biggest outdoor treasure hunt, and understand basic first aid and other useful skills that will help you thrive in the wild. With a wealth of illustrations, Tent Life will give you the tools to kick-start your outdoor lifestyle. Suitable for adults and children 10+.


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