History Of Knuckle Dusters: The Ultimate Close-Quarters Weapon

Cover Art for 9781581606300, History Of Knuckle Dusters: The Ultimate Close-Quarters Weapon by David Grant
ISBN: 9781581606300
Publisher: Paladin Press
Published: 1 October, 2007
Format: Paperback
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For more than a century, knuckle dusters and brass knuckles have rested in the pockets of those who need a small, handy impact weapon that is easily concealed and inexpensive to produce. History of Knuckle Dusters shows the actual knuckles through their history, including wartime knuckles, modern customs and mass-produced examples. An amazing array of designs and materials has gone into knuckle dusters, and their popularity is even greater today among collectors and those who use them for protec


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