Pineapple Street

2023's must-read debut about love, family and wealth in glamorous New York City

Cover Art for 9781529151190, Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson
ISBN: 9781529151190
Publisher: Hutchinson Heinemann
Published: 14 March, 2023
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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A witty exploration of family, money, love and heartbreak THE MUST-READ DEBUT OF 2023 'A lovely, absorbing, acutely observed novel about class, money and love' NICK HORNBY 'A portrait at once searing, hilarious and poignant of a New York Family straight-jacketed by their own wealth' MIRANDA COWLEY HELLER, author of THE PAPER PALACE This unputdownable debut follows three women in an old Brooklyn Heights clan- one who was born with money, one who married into it, and one who wants to give it all away. Darley, the eldest daughter in the well-connected, carefully-guarded Stockton family, has never had to worry about money. Darley followed her heart, trading her job and her inheritance for motherhood, sacrificing more of herself than she ever intended. Sasha, Darley's new sister-in-law, has come from more humble origins, and her hesitancy about signing a pre-nup has everyone worried about her intentions. And Georgiana, the baby of the family, has fallen in love with someone she can't (and really shouldn't) have, and must confront the kind of person she wants to be. Rife with the indulgent pleasures of life among New York's one per centers - glittering parties, weekend homes and hungover brunches - Pineapple Street is a scintillating, escapist novel that sparkles with wit and wry humour. Full of recognisable, loveable if fallible characters (and a few appalling ones!), it's about the peculiar unknowability of someone else's family, the miles between the haves and have-nots and everything in between.

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