How to Leave Your Psychopath

The Essential Handbook for Escaping Toxic Relationships

Cover Art for 9781529075946, How to Leave Your Psychopath by Maddy Anholt
ISBN: 9781529075946
Publisher: Bluebird
Published: 8 February, 2022
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Links Pan Macmillan
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How to Leave Your Psychopath is a candid account of the bizarre and frightening world of coercive control and abusive relationships from a woman who, until her eyes were opened, had spent her entire dating life trapped in them. This accessible book will cover all types of toxic relationships as well as the route to self-discovery, how to see and respond to red flags, safe dating, recognizing controlling traits, distinguishing narcissistic and psychopathic personality types and all that lies in-between. Narcissists are smooth operators, master manipulators and they take advantage of the kindness, trust and goodwill of their prey. This empowering guide by comedian Maddy Anholt, who has been through the mill, will help anyone ditch their controlling partner and find freedom and happiness alone.


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