Running Strong

The best, inspiring, revealing memoir for every woman this Mother's Day 2023

Cover Art for 9781460763636, Running Strong by Candice Warner
ISBN: 9781460763636
Publisher: HarperCollins AU
Published: 19 April, 2023
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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A story about running away, crashing through and hitting my stride When the whole world seems set against you, how you keep the negative voice out of your head?Candice Warner knows all about the damaging consequences of living life in front of the cameras and has learned a lot about insulating from the worst that can be thrown at you - for herself, as a wife and partner, and as a mother. Growing up with, competing in and living among some of the most hypermasculine and abrasive environments, Candice has had her integrity attacked, her worth questioned, and her decisions, body and mind judged. But she has never been stronger or more determined to forge the space she and her family need to be safe, and to live a life filled with love, purpose, ambition and optimism.Candid, raw and uplifting, Candice tells it straight - about the ugly, bruising pivotal moments that almost broke her, to the extraordinary turning points that buoyed her ... and the saving grace of the transformative, regenerative power of running.From her beginnings as Australia's youngest Ironwoman and the joys and heartbreak of elite sport, to being publicly shamed as a woman, wife and mother, and her crucial role in Australia's most successful and highest profile partnership, Running Strong is Candice's story - about climbing back from rock bottom, the power of creating precious sanctuary for yourself and creating a legacy of strength and purpose for the people closest to you.

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