Dragon the Fantasy Continues

Cover Art for 9781425970680, Dragon the Fantasy Continues by J. G. Eastwood
ISBN: 9781425970680
Publisher: Authorhouse
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The Dragon Trilogy is a whimsical journey taken by readers with a daring spirit for exploration and discovery. The three middle reader chapter books cleverly written by children s fiction author, J. G. Eastwood, and enchantingly illustrated by professional artist, Carl Kocich, tells the continuing story of a bold and adventurous little girl growing up with her imaginary playmate. Book one, Dragon, Enter the Realm, is set in a time and a place where fantasies are born. The story begins when the little one , follows a trail of tear-drop shaped scales which leads her to a beast hiding in its cave. Longing to know more about itself, the unclaimed and unnamed beast is melancholic. The child befriends him, but after examining her discovery, the explorer is ready to move on to other adventures and leaves unexpectedly just past the dawn. The beast, which has an amazing ability to change its form, sets out on a quest to find the little one. Along the way he obtains a rare gift to give his precocious little friend, if he can find her. Laced with mysteries, his journey is filled with tests, tricks and traps. (To be released, summer 2007) The magical adventures resume in the second book in the series, Dragon, The Fantasy Continues. It is a story of friendship, even in hardship, endurance and resolve. The believer and Flint, the Dragon, decide to continue the quest, and set out together to find another dragon. They stumble across a mysterious rock formation that leads them to an undersea


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