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Synthetic Bible Studies

Cover Art for 9781406772999, Synthetic Bible Studies by James M. Gray
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ISBN: 9781406772999
Publisher: Meisel Press
Published: 31 March, 2007
Format: Paperback
Editions: 4 other editions of this product

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Synthetic Bible Studies

Other Editions

Synthetic Bible Studies CONTAINING AN OUTLINE STUDY OF EVERY BOOK OF THE BIBLE, WITH SUGGESTIONS FOR SERMONS, ADDRESSES AND BIBLE EXPOSITIONS By JAMES M. GRAY, D. D. Minister in the Reformed Episcopal Church, President of the Moody Bible Institute and author of How to Master the English Bible, The Christian Worker Commentary, A Text-Book of Prophecy, Spiritism and the Fallen Angels, The Antidote to Christian Science, Progress in the Life to Come, etc, etc. NEW EDITION REVISED 4ND ENLARGED Niw YORK CHICAGO Fleming H. Revell Company Contents Pag Introduction .. v . 7 Lesson 1 Genesis, Chapters Ml 11 lesson 2 Genesis, Chapters 12-28 15 17 Lesson 3 Genesis, Chapters 28 50 82 Lesson 4 Exodus, Chapters 1-19 26 Lesson 5 Exodus, Chapters 20-40 31 Lesson 6 Leviticus 37 Lesson 7 Numbers, Chapters 1-19 44 Lesson 8 Numbers, Chapters 20-36 51 Lesson 9 Deuteronomy 56 Lesson 10 Joshua ...., 61 Lesson Hedges and 8Wf R f ftV 67 Lesson 12 First Samuel 72 Lesson 13 Second Samuel 79 Lesson 14 First Kings 84 Lesson 15 Second Kings 89 Lesson 16 First and Second Chronicles and Esther 94 Lesson 17 Job 36 Lesson 18 Psalms In General 08 Lesson 19 Messianic and Millennial Psalms 101 Lesson 20 Proverbs - 106 Lesson 21 Ecclesiastes 108 Lesson 22 Song of Solomon 110 Lesson 23 Introduction to the Prophetic Scriptures ... Ill Lesson 24-Joel 114 Lesson 25 Jonatt 115 Lesson 26 Amos .... H Lesson 27 Hosea 122 Lesson 28 Micah 12 Lesson 2-Isaiah Ml Lesson 30 Nahum, Zephaniah, Habakkuk and Obadiah 140 Lesson 31 Jeremiah U4 Lesson 32-E ekiel 152 Lesson 33 Summing Up the Ante-Captivity Prophets 159 Lesson 34-Daniel, BIBLE STUDIES Page Lesson 36 Zechariah -... 175 Lesson 37yN h niah and Malachi, 185 Lesson 38- Mattfiew 190 Lesson 39 Mark 201 Lesson 40 Luke 205 Lesson 41 John, 209 Lesson 42 Acts of the Apostles . . 218 Lesson 43 Romans 227 Lesson 44 First Corinthians, 236 Lesson 45 Second Corinthians 246 Lesson 46 Galatians . 251 Lesson 47 Ephesians 255 Lesson 48 Philippians 260 Lesson 49 Colossians 263 Lesson 50 First Thessalonians . . . ., 268 Lesson 51 Second Thessalonians, -..... 273 Lesson 52 First Timothy 277 Lesson 53 Second Timothy, 285 Lesson 54 Titus 280 Lesson 55 Philemon 293 Lesson 56 Hebrews, 296 Lesson 57 James, .. 300 Lesson 58 First Peter, . . 30 5 Lesson 59 Second Peter ., 313 Lesson 60 First John 317 Lesson 61 Second and Third John, .. 321 Lesson 62 Jude, .., ..,, . 325 Lesson 63 The Revelation, ...., ....., ., 329 Publishers Note Synthetic Bible Studies originally appeared as weekly lessons in a religious journal, and were so widely blessed to ministers and Bible students generally, that they were gathered together in this more permanent form the matter still retaining however the per sonal and familiar style of a teacher addressing a class of other teachers, which had been adopted in the newspaper articles. The design is not that readers should study this book, but study the Bible by its aid. To that end it was hoped to be found useful in the conduct of Bible classes in churches, Young Peoples So cieties and Young Men and Young Womens Christian Associa tions, where people are hungering for the Word of God. As a matter of fact, however, pastors have borne witness to its value in their pulpit preparation, and in awakening an interest in Bible study that has told in the increase of church attendance, and the revival of the work of God in other lines. In some instances congregations have supplied themselves with copies for general study. COMMENTS OF THE PRESS. Comments of the press on. the first edition of Synthetic Bible Studies The JHomiietic Review says the method of Bible study it exemplifies is the best that has been presented to the public. The Pittsburgh Christian Advocate We know of no other way in which one can so easily and satisfactorily get a comprehensive view of the Bible as in this way...

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