Breathing for Warriors

Master Your Breath to Unlock More Strength, Greater Endurance, Sharper Precision, Faster Recovery, and an Unshakable Inner Game

Cover Art for 9781250308221, Breathing for Warriors by Belisa Vranich, Brian Sabin
ISBN: 9781250308221
Publisher: St. Martin's Essentials
Published: 10 March, 2020
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Dr. Belisa Vranich, a clinical psychologist and fitness expert, introduced a daily workout that helped our bodies relearn the proper way to inhale and exhale in her groundbreaking book, Breathe. Now, with award-winning author Brian Sabin, she continues her breath work revolution and takes us to the next level of performance with the powerful science and techniques of Breathing for Warriors. Whether you are a professional athlete, a first responder, or someone whose occupation requires physical skills and stamina, Dr. Vranich's series of exercises-which restores and reinforces how we're actually supposed to breathe-will teach you how to keep your body, and your mind, in prime condition. Featuring information and advice from scientists, medical experts, martial artists, sports celebrities, elite military soldiers, and top-tier personal trainers, Breathing for Warriors shows you how to rediscover your diaphragm through practices that bring a greater flow of oxygen-rich air into your body. These exercises, combined with meditation, stretches, and strength activities help improve your endurance and focus, empowering you to engage in more physically demanding tasks and recover from them faster. When you breathe well, you are better equipped to reduce stress, build resilience, think clearer, detox, and much more. With photographs illustrating step-by-step instructions, Dr. Vranich's routines will help you optimize your performance and improve your endurance, strength, precision, and recovery. Book jacket.


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