Cover Art for 9780980181203, Anastasia by Vladimir Megre
ISBN: 9780976333302
Publisher: Ringing Cedars Press
Published: 28 February, 2005
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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"Anastasia" by Vladimir Megre is a book that restores the link between humanity and nature and has already sparked a massive eco-village movement. After selling over 10 million copies in Russian alone and translations into 20 languages, "Anastasia", Book 1 in the Ringing Cedars Series, has now been released in English translation. The book tells a real-life story of entrepreneur Vladimir Megre's trade trip to the Siberian taiga in 1995, where he witnessed spiritual phenomena that compelled him to abandon his business and write this book on the spiritual connection between humanity and nature.THE BOOK: On a trade trip to the Siberian taiga in search for the lost technique of pressing virgin cedar nut oil, a Russian entrepreneur Vladimir Megre witnessed incredible spiritual phenomena that compelled him to write a book. The run-away success of his first volume, "Anastasia", self-published in 1996, made him into one of Russia's most widely read authors. The seven books of the Ringing Cedars Series published to date have sold over 10 million copies in Russian alone, and -- translated into 20 languages -- are believed to be a most significant masterpiece of Russian literature and one of the most important revelations in the history of humanity.The Ringing Cedars books have stirred the hearts and minds of countless people, showing a way to understand ourselves and to heal our planet. They possess a tremendous, unprecedented power of transforming the life on our whole Earth for the better. Inspired by the Ringing Cedars, thousands of people are now planting trees, changing their lifestyle and, in search for a spiritual re-connection with the Earth, relocating to new eco-villages that are sprouting all over Russia and beyond. Thousands of people reading the Ringing Cedars books have felt a huge creative upsurge and started writing poetry and songs and even doing paintings. Numerous readers' conferences have taken place in Russia and throughout Europe. The publication of the first volume, "Anastasia", which appeared in the original Russian only eight years ago, marked just the beginning of these developments. Every day new people join in to help bring about a radiant reality for ourselves and our children.


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