Fancy Meeting You Here

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Cover Art for 9780369379320, Fancy Meeting You Here by Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus
ISBN: 9780369379320
Publisher: ReadHowYouWant
Format: Large Print
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Sometimes the man of your dreams is standing right in front of you... only ten years in the past. A charming and unconventional love story about trying to rewrite history. Evie is a thirty-year-old wannabe screenwriter who spends her days managing a London cinema bar, working on a podcast with her best friend Ben, and reading Hugo Cavendish's books on repeat. She's on-again, off-again with a man who will never measure up to the romantic heroes of the books and movies she loves, so she often fantasises about meeting Hugo - and she may have written the odd fanmail . . . or eight. After all, what could be more perfect than a love story with the most swoon-worthy, internationally bestselling writer of our time? When Evie and Ben interview a psychic to the stars on their podcast, Evie is launched ten years into the past - but the grass isn't quite as green as she remembers . . . Fancy Meeting You Here is a love story about reliving your early twenties, trying to rewrite history and testing out that old saying: be careful what you wish for.


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