The Weather and Climate of Australia and New Zealand

Cover Art for 9780195533934, The Weather and Climate of Australia and New Zealand by Andrew P. Sturman, Nigel Tapper
ISBN: 9780195533934
Publisher: Oxford U.P., Melbourne
Published: 19 February, 1996
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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The Weather and Climate of Australia and New Zealand has been written to meet the needs of both students and professionals interested in the atmospheric processes and phenomena of this part of the southern hemisphere. The book provides an introduction to the basic concepts underlying the science of the atmosphere with a focus on the global mechanisms that form the foundation of weather and climate in the Australasian region. The establishment the global setting is followed by an explanation of the synoptic scale weather systems that are responsible for the day to day variability experienced across the area, including both tropical and mid-latitude phenomena. Approaches to weather forecasting are also described. Another major section provides a selective coverage of mesoscale, regional and local weather systems and climate patterns commonly observed in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the processes responsible for their development. Finally, the important issue of climatechange and variability is also examined in depth with particular emphasis on this region. This section includes a summary of the evidence of past climates, as well as discussion of more recent and possible future climate changes. The possible links between human activity and climate variability are also outlined. Throughout the text, the authors have made a particular effort to cater for students who are just developing an interest in the subject, and for those undertaking research that requires a good basic understanding of atmospheric processes and their operation in this region.


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