Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine (5th Edition)

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Cover Art for 9780192629883, Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine (5th Edition) by Murray Longmore, R.a. Hope, Murray Longmore, Ian Wilkinson, Estee Torok
ISBN: 9780192629883
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Published: 1 September, 2001
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Here is the fifth edition of the definitive, best-selling Handbook of medicine in the world. But not just a new edition: the authorship has evolved, and the structure of the book has been revised for the first time since first publication, making this the most major revision of this core text to date. The text has been rewritten and revised taking into account extensive market research among medical students and junior doctors. Expanded emergency section! The emergency section has beensignificantly extended to meet the needs of first-line junior doctors. New topics include: Headaches Chest pain Breathlessness Anaphylactic shock Broad, complex tachycardia Narrow, complex tachycardia Myocardial infarction/thrombolysis Tension pneumothorax Pneumonia Cerebral abscess Acute renal failure GI bleeding and more! The emergency section is still banded in red for immediate access New features! There is a new section on practical procedures, and a new section of Plates showing important X-ray images Completely up to date! The text has been brought up to date with many changes on every page. The text is based on good clinical evidence, taking into account new guidelines and information from the UK Centre for Clinical Excellence, where appropriate New topics! The many new topics covered include: The use of stents in ischaemic heart disease The heart in systemic disease Driving and the heart The empirical treatment of pneumonia cardiac symptoms thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and other haematological emergencies acute chest syndrome in sickle cell disease new definitions of diabetes and impaired fasting state new insulins neurotransmitters cardiac causes of stroke unexplained deaths in epilepsy universal health workers communication the art and science of diagnosis how to refer a patient to a daunting colleague difficult patients how patients communicate the nature of cardiac pain the cardiac cycle nuclear cardiology the use of QUALYs in determining warfarin indications in atrial fibrillation confusing pacemaker terms CCF-free inhalers Dyspepsia Criteria for liver transplantation The pellagra paradox Nephrotoxins Free radicals in motor neuron disease Stoma care and stoma nurses Ulcers

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