Closer to Truth

Challenging Current Belief

Cover Art for 9780071359962, Closer to Truth by Kuhn, Robert Lawrence
ISBN: 9780071359962
Publisher: Schaum Outline Series
Published: 1 June, 2000
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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Harnessing the peerless intellectual energy of today's most influential minds, Closer to Truth delivers an exciting in-depth exploration of the state of contemporary belief and conventional wisdom. From philosophy to physics and theology to thermodynamics, topics of intellectual importance are dissected and discussed with rigor and candor.

Determined to root out "truth" wherever it may be found, this extraordinary volume is the companion to PBS' groundbreaking new series "Closer to the Truth". Editor Robert Kuhn has assembled a veritable Who's Who of our most renowned thinkers -- from philosopher David Chalmers and logician Bart Kosko to Nobel-winning physicist Leon Lederman and maverick political scientist Francis Fukyama. Illuminating where each thinker stands on today's most critical "knowledge" issues, the book speaks the universal language of science as it explores consciousness, universal origins, the human soul, and much more.


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