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Cover Art for 9780008607890, Lawfare by 
                            Geoffrey Robertson
ISBN: 9780008607890
Publisher: HarperCollins GB
Published: 5 July, 2023 , in about 1 month
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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How Russians, the Rich and the Government Try to Prevent Free Speech and How to Stop Them. The British tradition of “free speech” is a myth. From the middle ages to the present, the law of defamation has worked to cover up misbehaviour by the rich and powerful, whose legal mercenaries intimidate investigative journalists. Now a new terror has been added through misguided judicial development of the laws of privacy, breach of confidence and data protection, to suppress the reporting of truths of public importance to tell. Drawing upon the author's unparalleled experience of defending journalists and editors in English and Commonwealth courtrooms over the past half-century, the book describes the hidden world of lawfare, in which authors struggle against unfair rules that put them always on the defensive and against a costs burden that runs to millions. Law schools do not teach freedom of speech and judges in the Supreme Court do not understand it. This book identifies and advocates the reforms that will be necessary before Britain can truly boast that it is a land of free speech, rather than a place where free speech can come very expensive.


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