Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040: Comp Series - Classic

Cover Art for 0704400058714, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040: Comp Series - Classic by Funimation
Region 1
EAN: 0704400058714
Publisher: Funimation Prod
Published: 19 May, 2015
Format: DVD
Language: English

Tokyo has become the epicenter of advanced technology, but at a dangerous price: it's workforce is riddled with humanoid robots that tend to go on destructive killing sprees. That's when four young women gear up in cybernetic suits to crush the defective droids. They are the Knight Sabers: heavy metal heroines battling an evil corporation's bionic pawns while it's grip on the city threatens to strangle humanity. In order to shut down the android uprising, these ladies flirt with a critical meltd


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